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The area of cultivation in Oldenburg northern Germany is famous for it's tree nurseries. On more than 4,000 hectares, there are about 650 farms producing a versatile range of plants for cities, parks, gardens and garden centers. The products of the tree nurseries from this area stand for good quality and are known at home and abroad.

Looking for manpower!
For the production of our plants, committed specialists and seasonal workers are constantly needed. These advertisements are aimed primarily at citizens of the European Union. German or English language skills are desired, but not required.

Information on vocational training in Germany

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We know that working abroad is a big step for you. We can help you

  • You do not need your own written application. If you fill out our application form, the information will be sufficient first. If you are not sure whether your language skills in English or German are sufficient, simply write your application in your national language.
  • What is important to us, is that you are a citizen of the EU. We'll check that before we start work.
  • If you apply as a skilled worker (gardener/biologist/engineer) or similar, the company, who will hire you, will ask for the training or work certificates.